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Vehicles = means of transport, public transport

car, bus, coach, train, ferry, tram, underground, trolley, taxi, motorbike, truck (US)/lorry (GB), van, airplane, suburban train. What make is this car? 



Travelling by public transport

to punch your ticket, to queue, fare, rush hours, to get stuck in a traffic jam, ticket office, platform, single/return ticket, carriage, compartment, to take a train/ …, to miss it, ticket inspector


Driving a car

  • advantages: freedom (in time and place), it takes you from door to door, you can stop when you want to
  • disadvantages: expensive, tiring, breaking down
  • getting a driving licence: the Highway Code exam, first aid exam, practical exam
  • the parts of a car: numberplate, bumper, headlight, indicator, bonnet, windscreen wiper, tyre, boot, rear light, rearview mirror, driver’s/passenger/back seat, to fasten your seat belt, steering wheel, handbrake, gear stick, accelerator, clutch, horn, petrol (GB)/gas (US)
  • others: keep to the left/right


Travelling by airplane

–          places: airport, terminal, check-in-desk, passport control, customs, departure lounge, departure gate, board, arrival lounge, luggage reclaim(conveyor belt), duty free shop

–          verbs: to board a plane, to take off, to land, to check in (your luggage)


–          things: a boarding pass, air ticket


Having a holiday

–          accommodation: youth hostel, hotel, guesthouse, tent – campsite, bed&breakfast, inn

–          types of holiday: package holiday, individual holiday

–          packing for a holiday: travel documents, toiletries, …

–          others: a holiday resort, to book a holiday/ a room / a flight, to apply for a passport/visa, to expire, to have sg renewed, full/half board, to put sy up, a single/double room, to check in / out, to pay the bill, sg is included in the bill



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