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Travelling1.  In Hungary you can travel on ground,on water,on air.

2.  The most popular way  of travelling is by train.

3.  The most expensive tikets for planes.

4.  Between small towns people usually travel by bus.

5.  In Budapest  there are 3main railway stations:Eastern,Western,and Soutern.

6.  If you travel by train you will have to buy a ticket before the journey.

7.  If yo don’t buy a ticket in advance,you will have to pay a fine.

8.  The train can carry people for long distances in large quantities and at

great speeds.

9.  In Budapest you can choose bus ,underground,tram,and trolles.

10.There are 3 metro lines in Budapest:blue,red,yellow lines.

11.The fourth metro line is being planned.

12.It will help a lot of people.

13.When you take a bus  you need to validate the ticket on it.

14.In the rush hours it takes a long time to cross the town by bus and other means

of transport.

15.For me the yourney to school takes an hour.

16.I go there by tram ,by bus.

17.My father travels by car,he needs a car for his job.

18.I would like to buy  a car ,but it is very expensive for me.

19.Another possibility of travelling is bike.

20.For example,my brother usually uses bike to got somewhere.

21.Ciclying is popular,but it can be dangerous.

22.In Budapest there are 2 International airports, they are Ferihegy 1 and 2.

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