Food (short essay)

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Food (short essay)

On weekdays, I get up at 7 o’clock. I don’t have breakfast before school but I take one or two sandwiches that I make every morning. If I can’t make sandwiches, I buy something at the bakery or in the school buffet. When I arrive home at three o’clock, I am usually hungry. At home, my grandmother is the chef at home, she likes cooking and her dishes are the most delicious ones. For lunch, as a starter, she always makes soup. My favourite soup is the cold sour cherry soup. The main course is very changeable. I like some kind of meat with rice, mashed or fried potatoes and vegetables. The dessert is usually pancake filled with marmalade. The dinner is usually at eight or nine o’clock. Sometimes I have a late dinner.  This time I eat what I find in the fridge or in the pantry. This means that usually, I make a sandwich or sausages or I eat the leftover of lunch. Weekends are different because I get up at about 11 o’clock so my breakfast is my lunch. I rarely at home for dinner because when I can, I go to my boyfriend. His mother is a very good cook. She always makes delicious dishes. When we go out with my friends we usually eat fast food like hamburger or pizza. I know that this kind of food is not healthy but we really like it.



  • breakfast – reggeli
  • sandwich – szendvics
  • bakery – pékség
  • school buffet – iskolabüfé
  • to be hungry – éhesnek lenni
  • chef – szakács
  • dish – fogás
  • delicious – finom
  • lunch – ebéd
  • starter – előétel
  • soup – leves
  • cold sour cherry soup – meggyleves
  • main course – főfogás
  • meat – hús
  • rice -rizs
  • mached potato – burgonyapüré
  • fried potato – sült burgonya
  • vegetable – zöldség
  • pancake filled with marmalade – palacsinta lekvárral töltve
  • dinner – vacsora
  • fridge (refrigerator) – hűtő
  • pantry – kamra
  • leftover of lunch – az ebéd maradéka
  • fast food – gyors kaja

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