Meals and foods

On weekdays I get up at 7. I don’t have breakfast before going to school. The scool I take one or two sandwiches, which I prepared every morning. If I can’t make sandwiches, I buy something in the bakery or in the school buffet. When I arrive home about three o’clock, I usually hungry. My grandma is a very good cook, and she likes cooking. She makes soup every day. The second course is very changeable. I like the meat with rice, potatoes and vegetables.


The dinner is usually at eight or nine o’clock. Sometimes I have a late dinner.  This time I eat what I find in the fridge or in the pantry. Sometimes I don’t eat dinner, because I haven’t

At weekends different, I get up about 10 o’clock.  I rarely at home. When I can, I go to my boyfriend. His mother is a very good cook.

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