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Pollution is caused by various pollutants.


Nowadays environmental protection became one of the main problems. Due to the development of technical knowledge, we are used to using more and more synthetically materials. Often we want only to make our life easier, but we don’t think of the kickback. We can find for example a fridge in every flat, using them leads to “holes” in the ozone layer and the increase of the average temperature in the whole world. We are used to a comfortable life, but many articles and gadgets cause pollution and destroy our health. In the city, the children can’t play in the parks because they are dirty. In some countries, people are not allowed to drink the running water, because it is polluted by sewage, chemicals, and oil-spill. The air is full of toxic air pollutants, such as dust, smoke, exhaust fumes of vehicles, carbon monoxide, etc. However, technically, we could filter these dangerous poison gases, we continue polluting our Earth.

In agriculture, we use too many chemical fertilizers, and we don’t think that we eat it and animals too.

Not only the continents but the seas and oceans hide some risks. More and more tankers transport oil from one continent to the other one. During transportation, the tanker can spring a leak and their content can cover the surface of the water. Fish can’t get enough oxygen and the wings of birds are covered with oil, and therefore they can not fly.

People destroy the rain-forests for making more paper-based articles, they only think of profit and they don’t deal with new plantations.


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