Various services

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Various services

The work of the post office makes it possible for us to maintain connections with our relatives and friends. We can drop a letter in the post box or send postcards and we can buy phone cards as well. We can also subscribe to newspapers and magazines at the post office. The central post office is a huge building. There are some public telephone boxes in it. When you enter the main hall you could see rows of counters. At the counters for the sale of stamps you can buy stamps, coins, postcards, writing papers and envelopes. At the money order counter you can send money by money order or cheque. At the bank counter you may pay your bills for gas, electricity, telephones and other services. At every post office there is a “newspapers and magazines” counter, which sells the latest issues of newspapers.


Packages can be sent by parcel post if they are not too big by letter post. Letter post is quicker. If the letter is urgent, you can send it via express and pay a bit more for the postage.

In Hungary, we write the address’ name on the right-hand side of the envelope. Right underneath we write the postal code of the town or village the address lives in. The sender’s name and address go in the left-hand corner of the envelope.

Bank: this establishment is offering a variety of banking services. Banking services are for example handing our savings account, our currency, considers credit demand and grants credit.

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