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I love window-shopping. I like walking up and down in front of shop windows and looking round especially in the new boutiques. I don’t have to buy every day, because my mum does the shopping in her lunchtime. She buys bread, rolls, milk and some cold cuts. Everybody doing their big shopping at weekends, so shops is crowded and full of customers I prefer shopping in super- or hyper-markets, because I can get almost everything under one roof. They have lower prices than small shops. The largest hypermarkets in our town are Tesco and Auchan. The selves are well-stocked with wide choice of attractively packed goods, from deep frozen to washing powder. There are a lot of counters for example fruit and vegetable, bread and cake, milk and diary produce, grocery and wine counter.

Smaller shops are privately owned and their number is growing from month to month. These shops are bakers, butchers and greengrocers.

Housewives like going to the market place because fruit, vegetables are much cheaper than in any shops. At the stands private farmers sell their own homegrown, onions and other kind of vegetables and fruits. There are a lot of department stores in Budapest. For example Westend City Center, technical and electrical shops.

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