Healthy diet

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Healthy diet

Healthy diet is the key to a healthy life. Nowadays a lot of people have an unhealthy diet. They eat too much processed and fast food such as hamburger or pizza. Eating unhealthy food can lead to obesity which is a serious problem nowadays. Obesity can lead to different diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes. A healthy, balanced diet should include proteins, for example, different kind of meat (chicken, beef, pork, etc.), dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.), good kind of carbohydrates (whole wheat products), unsaturated fats (nuts, avocado, etc.), and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. However, there are good kind of fats and carbohydrates but you should control the amount of these nutrients if you don’t want to put on weight. If you are overweight you can go on a diet to lose weight, for example avoiding food with too many calories. Many people today are vegetarians and don’t eat any meat. This is a healthy diet if you make sure to eat enough protein because it is a very important nutrient. If you are vegetarian you can get the required amount of protein from foods like tofu, cheese, eggs and vegetables with high protein content.


#Fact: In English the word ‘diet’ means the eating habits of a person (étrend) and a restriction of eating habits, for example, in order to lose weight as well (diéta).


  1. healthy diet – egészséges étrend
  2. unhealthy diet – egészségtelen étrend
  3. processed food – feldolgozott élelmiszer
  4. fast food – gyorskaja
  5. obesity – elhízás
  6. disease – betegség
  7. high blood preassure – magas vérnyomás
  8. diabetes – cukorbetegség
  9. balanced diet – kiegyensúlyozott étrend
  10. protein – fehérje,
  11. carbohydrate – szénhidrát
  12. fat – zsír
  13. unsaturated fat – telítetlen zsír
  14. nutrients – tápanyagok
  15. vegetarian – vegetáriánus
  16. overweight – túlsúlyos

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