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The main environmental problems are air pollution, water pollution, global warming, litter in the streets, deforestation and there are some species that are in danger.



People cause most pollution because they use lots of cars, they throw lots of litter away and factories also pollute the air.

To make this world a better place you should select rubbish and separate plastic, paper, glass and metal because they can be recycled. You should make compost and eat leftovers. You can save water if you take a shower instead of having a bath, if you don’t do the washing up or brush your teeth in running water. You should use environmental-friendly products in your household. You can save electricity if you switch off the lights when you don’t need them or use energy saving bulbs. You can reduce air pollution if you use public transport instead of cars.

Factories should use renewable energy sources and use filters.

People shouldn’t cut down trees or if they do, they should plant new ones. They cut down trees because they need wood for furniture or heating and they need space for new buildings. However, animals lose their habitats. People need trees because they produce oxygen that we can’t live without.


People who throw litter away are uneducated and don’t care about their environment. There should be more rubbish/selective bins in the streets and people should care more about the environment.

We select paper and plastic at home and we take it to a selective rubbish bin. (We make compost so we don’t throw a lot of trash away.)

If you buy environmental-friendly products, you don’t pollute the environment and help to make this world a better place.

I usually drink bottled water because tap water isn’t safe or clean to drink. Therefore we throw away a lot of plastic bottles which isn’t really good.

If people don’t cut trees down, animals don’t lose their habitats.



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