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Vehicles include buses, bicycles, ships, subways, trams, cars, trains and airplanes.


I always go to school by bus. I haven’t got a driving licence yet. I think the most comfortable vehicle is the car, because it’s door to door, you can travel when you want and you can take as many bags as you want. The airplanes are comfortable too. The quickest way of travelling is by airplane. An airplane can be quicker, than the sonic speed. The cheapest vehicle is the bicycle I think, because it’s cheaper to produce and it doesn’t need any fuel. People say that airplanes are the safest vehicles, because these are technically the best.

In big towns there are bad public roads and public lighting. I would spend money to make them right. There is noise. I should force people to use buses after 7 p.m. There is air pollution, a lot of litter and homeless people, accidents, crimes and criminals. There are traffic jams.

In a big town I prefer travelling by car.

People get angry and impatient when they get stuck in a traffic jam. The most common causes of accidents are fast driving, people often use their phones while driving or they fall asleep.



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