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aerial photography of concrete roads

I go to school by two bus with number 96 and number 30. I don’t live far from here it didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to get here. In big cities there are several vehicles used in public transport such as buses, trams, trolley buses, suburban trains and the underground. You use all these vehicles in the same way. If you do not have a season ticket, you buy a ticket first and when you get on the bus or tram you punch it. You have to keep your ticket while travelling as inspectors may come and ask you for it. I like traveling by car because I think it is the fastest and most comfortable form of transport. I often travel by train so it was not long ago that I last took a train. I bought the tickets at the booking-office at the railway station. After that I went to the right platform and waited for the train to come. Then I got on the train and found a seat by the window. When the inspector came I showed him my ticket. There are usually a lot of people at a railway station. Most of them are waiting for their trains to come. They are either standing on the platforms or sitting in the waiting-rooms reading newspapers. Others are queuing up at the ticket-offices or at the ticket machines. In Hungary you have the choice of the following kinds of trains: express trains, fast and slow passenger trains. Express trains are usually through trains while slow passenger trains stop at every single station.



Címkék: Hungary

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