Shopping (basic info)

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I love window-shopping. I like walking up and down in front of shop-windows. I love especially in the new shopping center, where there are a lot of boutiques.


Every-day shopping

I do my every-day shopping in the nearest shop. I am a regular customer there. The assistants know me, and they are very politely with me. I often do the shopping on my way home from work. Every day I buy bread, milk, some cold cuts and basic food for supper and breakfast.

Weekend shopping

To do my weekend shopping I go to the nearest supermarket because it sells almost everything that a family needs. The customers walk about filling their baskets from the selves. The shops are full of customers. On Saturdays you always have to queue up in front of the counters as well as at the pay desks. In a supermarket you can get almost everything under one roof. Almost all supermarkets are self-service shops. They are very popular.
Some people don’t like it. These people have to walk from shop to shop a long time.
But the supermarkets have lower prices than small shops. I suppose this is because the bulk sale is cheaper.


The largest supermarket in our town is a self-service store.
The first counter to your right is the FRUIT AND VEGETABLE COUNTER with its fresh fruits, for example oranges, bananas, pineapples, apples, plums, peaches, pears, grape, cherry and lots of different kinds of vegetables, for example: onion, potato, paprika, carrot.
Next we come to the CONFECTIONERY shelves with all sorts of sweets, chocolate bars, cakes, biscuits and other sweets.
Then comes the BAKERY COUNTER, which is always stocked with fresh bread, rolls, croissant, buns etc.
Further down are the DRY GROCERIES shelves, where you buy flour, cereals, tea, spices, salt and sugar.
There is also a big DAIRY counter with a large variety of dairy products: milk, cheese, butter, margarine, cream and yogurt.
Next to this is the DELICATESSEN. This counter sells sausages, ham, bacon, and salami.
A special counter handles PACKED MEATS. There is a wide choice of chicken, pork, beef, veal, duck and turkey.


When I do my shopping there I walk from shelf to shelf. I fill my basket with the things I need. After finishing shopping I go to the cash desk. There is often a long queue. When it is my turn, the cashier adds up the bill on the cash register and gives me the receipt. I pay. I pack all the things and leave the shop.



window-shopping kirakatnézegetés
especially különösen
politely udvariasan
cold cuts felvágott
fill tölt, telerak
basket kosár
queue up sorban áll
counter pénztár
pay desk pénztár, kassza
under one roof egy helyen
almost majdnem, csaknem
self-service önkiszolgáló
lower alacsonyabb
bulk nagy mennyiség
counter pult
pineapple ananász
plumb szilva
confectionery cukrászda
sweet édesség
bakery counter pákáru
stocked felszerel, áruval ellát
croissant kifli
bun molnárka
dry groceries fűszeráru
flour liszt
cereal gabonanemű
spice fűszer
dairy tejtermékek
delicatessen csemegeáru
packed meats húsáru
veal borjúhús
cash desk pénztár(asztal)
it is my turn sorra kerülök
cash register pénztárgép
receipt nyugta

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