School, studies, favourite subjects

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School, studies, favourite subjects


I study at the _____High School. I go to school by bus. It takes 10 minutes to get there. The school is 50 years old. There are a few hundred students there and 37 students in my class.


In my school there are a lot of classrooms, 2 laboratories, a library, a canteen, dressing-rooms, toilets, a gym and a court.

The school usually starts at 8 a.m., sometimes 7:15. We have 11 subjects: grammar, literature, maths, history, English, German, P.E., history of art, ethics, physics and biology. I chose 2 extra courses: IT and history. My favourite subject is literature, because I’m good at it and I don’t like science objects. I’m also good at grammar and history.

I learn English because people who want to go to university must have a language exam. We have 5 English lessons a week. In lessons we do a lot of exercises and prepare for the final exam.

The advantages of speaking more than one foreign language are that you have sense of achievement, you can communicate with other people while you are travelling, you can enjoy books, films and lyrics of songs etc. So learning foreign languages is really important.


The most popular languages are English, German, Spanish and French maybe.

There are some jobs in which it’s essential to know foreign languages, for example politicians, diplomatists and tourist guides.

There are some languages schools, where I can improve my English knowledge and also I can listen to English music, read or chat with foreign people.

English language is very popular, because I think it’s beautiful and easier, than German for example.

I think I met an English speaking person, but I don’t remember the situation.


There are some differences between secondary and primary schools. The Hungarian elementary schools have eight classes and the pupils have to take a Common Entrance exam to get to higher education.

We have 182 school-days in a school year. There are some breaks during the school year: summer, spring, autumn and winter. And there are some events, for example the prom, the farewell ceremony, the school year opening and closing ceremony.

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