On Saturdays and Sundays the whole family get up late, but sometimes we get up early. My granny makes some food, some soup and some second course. My mother, my brother and I do the shopping. On Saturdays I don’t learn, I rather meet my friends, and relax a lot. On Saturdays I get up at seven or eight o’clock, because I go to work to the National Skate Park. We work with children.


At weekends we usually stay at home, and some friends come round to have lunch. My mother doesn’t work at the weekends, but sometimes she has to go to her workplace, but it doesn’t take a long time. Every second weekend we clean up the flat. These days my grandma and her younger brother go away for a walk. Sometimes we get in the car, and go to our cottage in the country. When I was a little child, we went there a lot. I like this very much. Sometimes we visit our relatives in Miskolc or Nyírmada. I enjoy these visits, because I see rarely my cousins. My brother and I usually go have parties at different places with his friends, and my friends. If my grandma has some time we cook some cakes. Especially, when we are in our cottage in the country. We are talk to each other a lot. My mum and my granny think it is important. They like listening to my brother’s and mine opinion. They always ask our opinion. They grow up us so.