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Statistics show that air travel is safer than any other way of travelling. Air crashes are rarer than serious accidents on the railways not to mention roads. The cockpit is full of modern navigational equipment and the landing and take-off are controlled by computers.   To be hijacked – eltérítik  / To ascend/descend – fel/le száll

  • Ship: I’ve travelled by ship several times on Lake Balaton, but most of these trips were pleasure cruises. After we had bought the tickets we went to the pier and saw the ship entering the harbour. Then it dropped anchor, we went on the board and the ship started. You can enjoy the sight of the calm, green water and the white sailing boats on it as well as the pleasant view of the surrounding hills and villages. In Hungary you can also take one of the passenger boats which ply our big rivers or the ferries that cross them regularly. From May to September there is a daily boat service on the Danube between Budapest Vienna, which takes about five hours. On Lake Balaton a daily ferry run from Balatonfüred to Siófok every day. (Tihany-Fonyód?)

Big ocean liners are like real floating cities with all modern conveniences. They can transport several thousand passengers. The cabins are above and below deck. A cabin looks very much like a compartment of a railway sleeping car. All cabins have portholes. In stormy weather many passengers feel seasick when the stern dips down and the bow goes up. In case of emergency like running aground, hitting an iceberg or sinking, on board a ship are available life-boats, life-belts, buoys and other safety devices. When the ship approaches its destination, it slowly slips into the harbour and the passengers disembark.

Types of watercraft: sailing ship, barge, trawler, yacht, kayak, tanker, submarine, ferry, ocean liner, raft, paddle-boat, rubber boat                    To be shipwrecked  – hajótörést szenved

  • Coach, bus: Hungary has quite an extensive inter-city coach network reaching into all parts of the country. The vehicles are comfortable and the service is reasonably rapid. Prices are on a par with those for first-class rail travel. Most coaches are operated by a company called Volán, but the number of privately run coaches is gradually increasing. At present they are mainly hired for school trips or package tours. Unfortunately, they are often on a strike in fact because they can. They demand to rise their salary if not they don’t transport the passengers.

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