1. Great Britain is the name of the island.
  2. It is made up of English, Scotland and Wales.
  3. The UK does not only include the members of Great Britain, but also includes Northern Ireland.
  4. The four part of UK is quite different.
  5. The English countryside is famous for its farmland and gentle hills while Wales and Scotland are more wild and mountanious.
  6. A few people have their homes in the countryside
  7. The name of the flag of UK is Union Jack.
  8. It’s made up of 3 crosses.
  9. English is the national language and it is spoken with a strong accent in the different regions of the country.
  10. In parts of Wales and Scotland, many people speak a language of their own.
  11. Today, Britain is a multicultural country.
  12. It means, many people immigrate from Europe, Africa and India.
  13. They settled there, and they brought their own languages.
  14. Britain is a small, but crowded island.
  15. The most pupulated area is the southeast of England.
  16. In this region, you can find London
  17. London is the capital city of UK, and it is the 7th biggest city in the world.
  18. Houses of parliament is a famous building in London
  19. The government sit here.
  20. The Houses of Parliament has two parts: House of lords and House of commons.
  21. I think Britain is a wonderfoul country and lots of tourist from all over the wolrd also come to visit UK’s historic sights and buildings.