Today tourism is one of the most important economical sectors. The tourism has four main types: the vacation tourism, the business tourism, the health tourism, and the religion tourism. The vacation tourism: The people generally do it for relaxing in summertime. They travel away from the homes to the holiday resorts. There are typical sender countries for example Germany. And also there are typical host countries for example Greece. The business tourism: Multinational companies send there soles men to other countries to have negotiations and make business.


The health tourism: Some countries of the world have thermal water and spa baths. Hungary has a lot of famous baths, for example in Hévíz. Generally old people travel to the spa baths to take advantages of healthing services. The religion tourism: The religional pilgrimages are forming this category. It means that religions people visit places like Loundcsor Fatima If you want to travel you need some important things. For example passport, insurance and sometimes a visa. You need to look accommodation.