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I quite like pop music although I wouldn’t call myself a fan. I gladly like listening to any music. At the beginning of this year we went to a 2-day concert was given by some well-known Scandinavian bands, in the Netherlands. Lots of guitar artists appeared there who celebrated the 48th guitar festival at Tilburg. There were some very young, ambitious bands who were very talented musicians with a fine technique. For example there was a little nine-year-old drummer. Everybody was very surprised at his ability. Anyway, the instrumental music lovers were really delighted including me, too. Their CD covers, labels were signed by the famous guitarists after the show. Cinema



The usual cinema show consists of a feature film begun by a newsreel, lots of commercials and of course short films like trailers from the future films. The main film is usually cinemascope and dubbed. However, an undubbed film is very good for language learning. And if you master the given language you can even enjoy the films without looking at the subtitles. Low attendance at cinemas is due to several factors. On one hand the price of cinema tickets has been raised and it is not a cheap evening any more to go out to see a film; mostly if you would like to have a popcorn or a refreshment. On the other hand the cinema owners seem to forget that most families have video or DVD players at home and you can borrow all films from the videotheque.  There are some different films like these: western, adventure film, thriller, horror film, science-fiction fantasy, detective film, comedy, screen adaptation of a successful novel entitled e.g. Harry Potter. TV, radio

  • I usually switch on the TV in the evenings and read on the teletext channel the TV programmes for the day. There is usually quite a rich choice of programmes. To tell you the truth I like watching TV because it brings the world into your home and keeps you informed about what is happening around you. I especially enjoy Hungarian soap-operas and some programmes that show you famous people over the world. I never miss the half-past-seven o’clock news either. I also love witty and humorous cartoons like “Tom and Jerry” or “the Roadrunner”.

Only one or maybe two Hungarian state channels used to be received at home, because there was no one who could have made a business from the broadcasting. Today, I don’t know exactly how many channels I can get on TV, but there are quite a lot. There are two well-known and popular commercial channels called Rtl-Klub and TV2. There is no great difference between them. They are financed by its advertisements so the programmes are interrupted for commercials, which I dislike. Besides we can also receive lots of different Hungarian channels such as my mum’s favourite TV Paprika or my dad’s much liked political channels,  the old ones MTV1-2 and TV Danube, our local television programme, the satellite channels about sports and documentaries and of course some German or English ones. To be frank, there is only one thing that these programmes are good for and this is the language learning. I’m interested in historical films, adventure films and series. I also enjoy witty and exciting detective stories, particularly one of them titled Columbo. I like Peter Falk the star of Columbo because he can always find the murderer, although he always forgets everything that he needs. He is so funny with his old fashioned balloon coat or his broken down car and he always comes back to ask the suspect one more question even if the suspect thinks that he won’t any more. I can’t help watching the next part if it is on in a reasonable time on TV. I quite often watch video or cinema films and I’m a regular customer at the video hire shop. I enjoy perhaps crimes the most because they are usually very well done and give you a lot of excitement. I have never been disappointed by horror films, they are macabre or spine-chilling and I think somewhere at the back of their minds everybody longs for adventure and thrills or even fear. And these films are able to fill in this gap in our lives. Anyway, in my opinion it isn’t worth sitting in front of the telly, because your health could be damaged because of sitting there for so long and even you may become a couch potato. We begin the day by switching on the radio in my colleague’s car to listen to the time-signal, which is of great help when we are in hurry, the news broadcast and the weather forecast. We are listening to some kind of radio stations it depends on the persons in the office. Radio “Petőfi” used to have mainly a lot of light music programmes: pop, jazz, folk, rock or gypsy but it totally changed today. Perhaps radio ‘Kossuth’ has the most varied and serious programmes. It transmits running commentaries, radio plays, political and economic programmes, lectures, press reviews and even bedside stories for children. At my workplace all of us love musical broadcasts such as “Radio 1”, Radio “Danubius” or Radio “Sláger”.

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