Sports, living a healthy way of life

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Sports, living a healthy way of life


If you want to be fit, you have to do sports and eat healthy. You mustn’t smoke and drink alcohol or coffee. You have to eat more fruits and vegetables, than sweets. You must drink more water and you have to get enough sleep. That means 8 or 9 hours, but it changes by age.


I do sports 3 times a week, because of the P.E. lessons. We usually play volleyball. I don’t go to fitness clubs, but there are some machines, that you can use. There are some advantages of fitness clubs, for example you are among people and you can train with your friends who can motivate you. But it can be expensive and crowded, not to mention the smells.

I don’t live the healthiest way of life, but I think if we don’t eat too much of everything, it can not be wrong.

My mom buys and prepares food in my family. She buys food at the market, at the local convenience store or in the nearby supermarket.

I don’t want to be vegetarian or vegan and I don’t agree with those people who live in this way. Vegetarians don’t eat meat and fish, although vegans don’t eat food of animal origin and they don’t use products which are tested on animals for example. The forementioned foods are important to the human body.


If I wanted to lose weight, I would drink more water and greentea and I’d do a lot of exercise. If I wanted to give up smoking, I would search another act of compensation and I’d ask my family for help.

Children learn about healthy way of life in kindergarten, at school or in their family.

I love fast food restaurants, because the food is delicious and they prepare food faster, than in traditional restaurants, but it’s unhealthy. They often use a lot of fat, but the food is cheaper.

There are some water sports, for example water polo, swimming, diving, surfing, high-board diving etc. There are some winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, ski jumping etc. There are some ball games: badminton, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, netball etc.

The most popular sports in Hungary are football and water polo. The Hungarians are good at water polo and swimming. Hungary’s climate is good for water polo and football.


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