School life

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School life

I think we need to learn all over our lifetime. A baby learns his or her mother language in 3 years whereas a student learns a foreign language for 10-12 years. A little child goes to the crèche till the age of 3. Next is the kindergarten where the child learns how to be together with other children. When the children are 6 years old, they go to primary school. In the first class they learn reading and writing.

After that they have a lot of other subject, for example history, geography, biology, maths, chemistry, Hungarian language, literature and a foreign language After primary school children must choose a secondary school. They can go to a grammar school or a vocational grammar school. The secondary school is more difficult than the primary school. There are lot of requirements and curriculums. At the end of the fourth year the students take the final exam. It takes 6 subjects: maths, history, Hungarian language, literature, a foreign language and an optional subject. After secondary school students can go a university or a collage.

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