Radio and TV

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Radio and TV

Watching television is one of the great British pastimes.

BBC means British Broadcasting Corporation and IBA means Independent Broadcasting Authority . National  Radio has 4 stations Radio 1 is a pop-music station with news and magazine-style programmes. Radio 2 plays light music  reports on sport. Radio 3 plays classical music. Radio 4 plays drammas.


The BBC has two channels. BBC 2 has more serious programmes and news features.

IBA is responsible for the regional independent Tv (ITV) consists of companies that broadcast their own programmes. There is a brake for advertisements after about every 15-20 minutes.

In Hungary:

There are different channels:

m1,  m2,  Duna Tv are the old ones.


RTL klub, TV2, HBO, Spektrum … so on.

My favorite channels are Spektrum, RTL klub, HBO. There are films about animals, plants and scientifical films. RTL klub is full of series, quizes and news programmes.

Kossuth, Petőfi and Bartók radio are old hungarian channels for older people.

The Star radio, the Juventus, the Danubius, the Radio 1, the Roxy…so on are commercial radio channels. This is a channel for young and middle ages people. There are a lot of music programmes, chats , weather forecast, and news from all over the world.

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