Otthon és szűkebb környezet

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Otthon és szűkebb környezet

I have never lived in lodgings but I can imagine that you have to keep a number of houses rules. You are not supposed to smoke in the common rooms, you are not allowed to be too noisy, take girls and boys into your room, stick pictures on the wall and you have to use the bathroom at a fixed time. Students living away from home use student hotels and university halls of residence provided by universities in separate buildings. Lodgings are used by those who can’t get a hostel room. This means that they have to pay to the landlady. Some students prefer a one-room flatlet with cooking facilities or perhaps sharing the bathroom and kitchen. When several students come together, they like to rent furnished, self-contained flats but they are difficult to obtain and compared with other types of accommodation are very expensive.

  • The local councils used to build many blocks of flats and let them to people who couldn’t afford to build or buy of their own. The problem with it is that these flats were mainly one-or-two rooms flats, which were comfortable enough for couple, but not for a family. Young married couples whom don’t have enough money they have no other choice but to live with their parents. There is not serious shortage of accommodation for married couples in Hungary. People don’t have to wait for years to buy a house or a flat, place of their own.  Nowadays, to be able to build or buy a house or a flat you need to have enough money to put down a deposit. The deposit covers some percent of the cost of the flat. Then you can get a bank loan at quite a high interest rate and you pay it back in monthly instalments. If you have children, you may get a state grant, which you do not have to pay back. If you are a good worker, you may even get an interest-free loan from the company you are working for.
  • I always make my bed and air my room every morning. To tell the truth, I haven’t got a lot of housework. At weekends, I always do my room and help dad to wash the car or clean the garage. I usually empty the dust bin and my mother sometimes asks me to hoover the carpet in my room. If the weather is good and it isn’t raining, she always cleans the windows and the doorsteps. She sweeps the floor then wipes it up. After lunch or dinner my father washes up and dries the dishes. He likes doing it and therefore my mother is very proud of him. She has to wash our clothes, but we have got an automatic washing-machine. Having been washed our clothes, she had to iron them. She usually beats the bigger carpets.

As we have got a weekend house, my mother usually go to visit our garden. She waters the flowers and the vegetables with a watering can. I sometimes have to dig a few parts of the garden in spring. It is not a woman work, I think. She adores hoeing and meanwhile talking with her sister or the neighbours. In summer the lawn grows, therefore we cut the grass with the lawnmower. The fruit trees mainly need spraying. In autumn we harvest the fruits such as apples, pears, plums, grapes and nuts. Of course, the falling leaves have to be raked.

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