Ordering Pizza – Home delivery

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Ordering Pizza (Home delivery)

C: Hello, Tim’s Pizza.

D: Hello, I’d like to order a pizza, please.

C: Sure. Let’s start with your address and phone number.


D: My address is 123 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield.

My phone number is 555- 7896.

C: Okay, thank you. What would you like to order?


D: Can I have a super pepperoni pizza, large, thin crust with extra mozzarella cheese?

C: Would you like any sides with that?

D: Yes, can I please have 2 garlic breads and a bottle of lemonade?

C: Okay, will that be all?

D: Yes, that will be all.


C: Delivery time will be approximately 30 minutes.

D: Okay.

C: Please have the correct change for the driver.

D: I will, thank you.
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