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1.  London is the capital city of the UK and  it is the 7th biggest  city in the world.

2.  About seven million people live there.

3.  It lies on the river Thames

4.  The area of Great London covers some 1600 square kms.

5.  From about 1800 until World War II. London was the biggest city in the world.

6.  The old city of London had narrow srteets and wooden houses.

7.  It was  a dirty city too.

8.  In 1665 seventy-five thousand Londoners died of the plague.

9.  In 1666 a bakery in Pudding Lane near London  Bridge caught  fire.

10.After the Great Fire Londoners rebuilt their city.

11.They made the new houses from brick or stone,not wood.

12.The streets were straight ,wider and cleaner.

13.Today , London  is an interesting and exciting city wich is famous for many things.

14.A lot of tourist from all over the world also come to visit London’s historic sight and buildings such as :St Paul’s Chaterdral ,the House of Parliament with its famous clock Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus ,Trafalgar Square with Nelson ‘s column,and the Tower of London-where the Crown Jevels are kept.

15.There are two other address in London  thet the whole world knows.

16.One is Buckingham Palace,where the Queen lives,and the other is 13 Downing Street,where the Prime Minister lives.

17.Britain’s present prime minister is Tony Blair.

18.London is on the river Thames.

19.There are 27 bridges over the river.The most famous are: Tower Bridge,

London Bridge, Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge.

20.The city has a lot of nice parks like Hyde Park,Regent Park and St. James’s Park.

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