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Nowadays in many countries, there is not enough work for everybody, and many people are looking for a job. If they are lucky enough to find one, it is often parttime not full time, or it’s a temporary job, not a permanent one. Many jobs involve working long hours, and often the working conditions are not good. To get a good job, it’s important to have qualifications and some experience.


These days a lot of young people would like to become lawyers or economists, or they would like to find a job in connection with computer science. The main reason why these jobs are so popular is that they are well-paid. Most young people would like to work for a big company car, a mobile phone and a laptop, and where they can travel abroad on business.

I would like to be a informatician administrator. Because I like computer.

A good job must be challenging and motivating. I would like to work with people and help them. It’s very important for me to enjoy what I do and be a member of a good team.

Women have become more career-oriented. They don’t have to stay at home and look after their children as there are creches and nursery schools. They go to work is that the family needs the money.


I think that middle-aged and eldery people are at a disadvantage when they are looking for a job because most companies advertise jobs for people under 35.

If you want to get a good job, you must have a degree and more than one language certificate.

The most frequent reason is that an employee is made redundant and has to find another job. He or she has to leave either because the firm goes bankrupt or closes down, or because the employer is not satisfied with his or her work. There might be family reasons as well. Some people have to change jobs because of their health. There are people who change for a better-paid job or a job with better benefits. Others change jobs just because their tasks have become monotonous and they need a change.

A CV contains personal details, such as the candidate’s name, address, phone number, nationality, date of birth, and marital status. You must give details of your education and qualifications, your previous experience, your language and other skills. You may also include a list of your interests. It’s advisable to add names of people who can provide references

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