Housing and flats

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We have a fairly big house with three rooms both downstairs and upstairs. When you enter a house, there is a big  living room and a staircase. Downstairs there is a dining room and a kitchen.


There is my parents bedroom and bathroom.

 My room is upstairs opposite my brother’s bedroom. We have a big garden with flowers and a lot of trees.

As I live in a city, there are family houses, flats, blocks and apartman houses. We don’t have to walk too far to get to the supermarket.

For me the ideal kitchen like should be big and light enough and well-equipped. There should be a big table where you can prepare food and a big kitchen unit where you can keep all the plates, glasses, cups and whatever you need for cooking, for example, a mixer,and a blender. A dishwasher is neccessary, especially for big families.


Though there is a lot of furniture in our living room. There are three-seater sofas and two armchairs. We have a big dining table with chairs.

In my bedroom there is a double bed, bedside table and a wardrobe.

In the downstairs have a bathroom which is bigger than my bathroom. There have everything… bathtub,shower, washbasin, washing machine and mirror.

A washing machine, a fridge, and a cooker are also neccessary. It’s good to have some other equipment which helps you with the household tasks, such as dishwasher, a freezer, a microwave oven. I would like to have a luxury items such as air conditioning.

We heat our flat with gas boiler which is in the cellar and we have a radiators in the room.


In the rooms we have a parquet except for the hall and the kitchen where the floors are tiled. In the kitchen there is a wall clock.

All the members of the family take part in cleaning the house.

I prefer the countryside because I like peace, quiet and nature. I agree that living in a city has advantages but I can’t imagine living in a dirty and noisy city with crowds of people around me.

In a city it’s easier to find a job and there are more possibilities for spending your free time. Specialised health services are more easily accessible and there are big hypermarkets and plazas. In cities there are more banks, post offices and all kinds of services. On the other hand, the air is polluted, the streets are dirty and noisy. In a village life is more peaceful, the air is clean, there are flowers and trees everywhere and people know each other.


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