Free time activities, hobbies

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Free time activities, hobbies


People can do many things today if they have free time. When children finish school, they go home, have lunch and do the homework first. Later they go out and meet their friends. In the evenings they like playing computer games, chatting with their friends and watching films. But many teenagers don’t like sitting in front of the computer for hours. They can do sports or go to the gym. Only few teenagers like reading, collecting stamps, drawing or playing a musical instrument.


At the weekend teenagers go to parties, go to the cinema or go on trips. They rarely go to the theatre or museum, but they sometimes go bowling, play pool or go swimming.

I don’t listen to music so often. I like rap, pop, rock and classical music too, so I’m an ,,omnivorous”.

I usually stay at home, because I don’t like going out and parties.

When the whole family is together, we always have fun. We talk, watch a film or a series, play board games etc. We often go to the cinema or the theatre.


I don’t go to concerts. I don’t remember the last one, which I went to.

Our class went to Aquincum, which is a museum in Budapest and we are going to go to the Museum of Fine Arts.

I like romantic films and thrillers. I don’t like horrors, because of my belief and also I’m afraid of these. I prefer true stories and dramas too. My favourite actors are Jim Carrey and Matthew McConaughey. They are very talented.

If I can’t do anything at my place, I often go for a run. I live in _____ and there is nice landscape, where I can go.

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