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fried ham, egg, bread with beans and red tomato slice

In most Hungarian households typical meals are breakfast, lunch and supper. Hungarian breakfast consists of milk or tea, some cold meals with a slice of bread with butter or rolls, different jams, honey and toast. In an English home usually four meals are served: these are breakfast, lunch, tea and the most important meal of the day is dinner. English breakfast consists of cornflakes, ham and eggs (boiled and fried) with tomato or mushrooms, sausages, bacon, buttered toast or bread and butter with marmalade and fish or baked beans may be served. Some orange juice is drunk before breakfast and tea or coffee is drunk after it.


In the weekdays my meals are different. I live in a dorm, so I have my meals in the canteen. I have 10 minutes in the morning before the first ringing so sometimes I miss my breakfast. The breakfast is usually bread or roll, butter, and some kind of salami with tea or milk. Sometimes I have my elevenses in the buffet where I usually eat hot-dog, pizza or some kind of snacks. The quality of the lunch is really changeable. There is always some kind of soup and the main course. Rarely they give us fruit, sweets or biscuits. In the dorm, we often make another lunch from the foods we brought from home. We usually skip dinner in the canteen. Why? Because it doesn’t worth it to go there from the dorm in the evening.

My favorite soup is the goulash soup and my favorite main course is stew. These are typical Hungarian dishes. I don’t really like those meals which mostly consist of vegetables. I am a real meat lover. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I like biscuits, sweets, and cakes but I know where is the limit. If I have to choose my favorite dessert, maybe it’s the Dobos cake which is a national Hungarian dessert.

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