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I come from a small family. Unfortunately, I’m an only child and I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. I live with my parents and my grandma, who is a pensioner. There are four people in our family: my grandma, my mother, my father and me. My father is 46 years old, he is an IT specialist. My mother is 55 and she is a manager. My ma is a short, average woman. She is very careful of her appearance. My father is tall and stout. I get on quite well with my parents. They trust me and let me do what I want, thus they give me a lot of freedom. They treat me like an adult and I can always turn to them for any help or advice. At the weekends, we go and visit those members of the family who don’t live with us. My grandfather died seven years ago but my grandma is still alive. She is eighty years old and lives with us. We all love her cooking, especially her cakes. I quite often see my grandparents. My father has got a sister and my mum too. This means that I have got two aunts and they both have children. They are my cousins.


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If we think about a family, different things can be brought up in our minds, depending
on our own family or our ideas about a perfect or imperfect family models. Even the
smallest chidren can plan their future families in the kindergarten.
There are small families with one, two or no children, and there are big ones, with
more than two children. The number of the members can be influenced by the other
relatives living with their children, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, cousins and so on.
Even an unmarried couple can count as a family, whether they have children or not.
Everything depends on our different points of view.
In these days the family models are so familiar in developed and developing countries.
Not just the father, but the mother works too, in order to insure a happier and better
Nowadays there are not so many differences between the rights and the jobs of a man
and a woman, not like about hundred years ago. In the past, people didn’t like the idea
of a learning or a working woman, because their task was to stay at home, cook meals,
care for the old and the children. They didn’t have so many rights, either. Later,
women started to open their eyes and said it’s not enough and not fair against them.
They wanted to go to school and to work to provide their families and even themselves
a better life.
So, now a very big percent of the ladies are working, but not just because they wanted,
but because they need to work to get enough money in the family wallet. Some people
say it’s not good for the children as they get less care from their parents while they are
going into kindergarten and see their family only on the late afternoons. Of course, this
is hard for their parents too, as they miss their children and can focus less on their jobs
while they are apart from each other.
And again, career or children? If a child is born, who will stay at home to care for
him/her? It used to be the mother, but in these days, when everybody is in a shortage
of money, people started to decide based upon their salary. An other problem is the
reputation. Just imagine that both of the parents are beginner doctors. They have to
make a strong and reliable basis, before they just pause it or give it up. A state-of-theart
solution is that the grandmother stays at home, because she can care about the
young ones, as she also raised up her owns, she is retired and she gets money without
working, not like her daughter who just started working and brought a baby to life at
almost the same time.
The next problem is the bringing up of the new life. Clothing, feeding, educating,
everything costs money, except for the love and the goodwill. If you want to care about
your beloved ones and you do care about them it doesn’t mean that you can afford
everything they need. One of my acquaintances said that the number of your children
is inversely proportional to your living standards. I see the point in her words, because
when you have a child, you may give everything he or she could need, but if you have

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