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I come from a small family. Unfortunately, I’m an only child and I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. I live with my parents and my grandma, who is a pensioner. There are four people in our family: my grandma, my mother, my father and me. My father is 46 years old, he is an IT specialist. My mother is 55 and she is a manager. My ma is a short, average woman. She is very careful of her appearance. My father is tall and stout. I get on quite well with my parents. They trust me and let me do what I want, thus they give me a lot of freedom. They treat me like an adult and I can always turn to them for any help or advice. At the weekends, we go and visit those members of the family who don’t live with us. My grandfather died seven years ago but my grandma is still alive. She is eighty years old and lives with us. We all love her cooking, especially her cakes. I quite often see my grandparents. My father has got a sister and my mum too. This means that I have got two aunts and they both have children. They are my cousins.


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