Family occasions, birthdays, namedays, Christmas, Easter and public holidays

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Family occasions, birthdays, namedays, Christmas, Easter and public holidays


We celebrate birthdays, namedays, Christmas, Easter and New Year’s Eve in my family.


I usually don’t do anything on my birthday. I always stay at home with my family. When I attended primary school I had 2 birthday parties. If I had a party, I would invite my friends and my family would be there of course. We would eat, chat and just chill. I would cook or I’d buy food, I would send invitations and I would decorate our house and my room before the event. At a party I would serve cakes, popcorn and soft drink.

I don’t often ask for a gift, but I would like to get food or something useful.

The greatest family festival is Christmas in my family. Then we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We always decorate our Christmas tree, watch TV, eat, talk, read the Bible and give away the gifts to each other.

Last year I got _____. We gave my mum _____ and we gave my dad _____.


The traditional Christmas meals are clear soup, meat, potato, stuffed cabbage and cakes.

Last year we put blue ornaments and blue-green lights on the Christmas tree.

We also celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are Christians. We usually stay at home, eat and give some chocolate and candy to each other. Two years ago we went to a wellness weekend. It was in Siófok and that outing was very good.

On New Year’s Eve I always stay at home. My brother goes somewhere with his friends. My parents and I eat, talk, watch TV and calm down our dogs, because they fear of the fireworks.

There are some public holidays in Hungary. There are 2 important revolutions: the first one was on 15th March, 1848. The other was on 23rd October, 1956. The third holiday is on 20th August. On that day we celebrate our first king, Stephen.


Our wider family usually meet at Christmas. We always organize a family lunch on 25th or 26th December.

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