Daily Routin

Daily Routin1.  On weekdays I get up at six.

2.  I arrange my bad and have breakfast.

3.  At home I don’t eat so mouch

4.  After waking up I do excercises.

5.  I shave my face and have a shower.

6.  Sometimes I am late for school..

7.  In school can meet my friends.

8.  School is usually boring

9.  Our formaster is József Nagy who helps everybody.

10. The forenoon is only for the school.

11. I have lunch at school and I also eat at home.

12. After lessons I go to the libary with friends.

13. After it ,I meet my girlfriend.

14. We usually talk about school.

15. I like spending my time with her.

16. Later I go home and do my homework.

17. I pack my bag and have dinner.

18. I listen to music during doing my homework.

19. I rarerly watch TV.

20. It nine I go to bed.

21. At the weekend I can relax.

22. After a long day I like going home to relax.

23. I like talking to my brother about our days in the evening.

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