Daily routine of a teenager

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Daily routine of a teenager

On weekdays I get up at six o’clock and make my bed. After I get up, I have breakfast but I don’t eat too much in the morning. I usually work out after breakfast. Before I go to school, I brush my teeth and have a shower. My teachers hate that sometimes I’m late for school.  School is usually boring but at least I can meet my friends and we can have fun together. I like my classmates and I think my form-master is helpful to everybody. I spend most of my time at school because I have a lot of classes every weekday. After school, sometimes we go to the library with my friends. The best part of my day when I meet my girlfriend. We usually talk about our days, go to the cinema or go to eat something. At home, I do my homework, pack my bag, and have dinner. Before I go to bed, I like listening to music, playing with video games, and relaxing. I rarely watch TV. I like talking with my brother about our day in the evenings. I go to bed at 10 o’clock because I wake up early the next day. At the weekends, I can relax because I can get up late.


#Tip: When you talk about your daily routine you can use the Present Simple tense.


  1. to get up/wake up -> felkelni
  2. to make one’s bed -> beágyazni
  3. to have breakfast/lunch/dinner -> reggelizni, ebédelni, vacsorázni
  4. to work out -> edzeni
  5. to brush one’s teeth -> fogat mosni
  6. to have a shower -> zuhanyozni
  7. to be late for school -> elkésni az iskolából
  8. to meet somebody -> találkozni valakivel
  9. form-master -> osztályfőnök
  10. to go to the library -> könyvtárba menni
  11. to talk about -> beszélni valamiről
  12. to talk with -> beszélni valakivel
  13. to listen to music -> zenét hallgatni
  14. to relax -> lazítani