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Clothing is very important in people’s lives. In Hungary, we have to wear different clothes in different seasons because the weather is variable. For example, in winter, we have to wear caps, gloves, scarves, warm sweaters and trousers, winter coat and winter boots. In spring, the weather is warmer so people don’t have to wear warm clothes but a pullover is needed. In summer, it is enough to put on a summer dress or a T-shirt with shorts or a skirt. On the beach, women wear a bathing suit or a bikini while men wear swimming trunks. In autumn, the weather is cooler and it rains a lot so people have to wear a raincoat or always bring an umbrella with themselves.


Clothing differs not only because of the weather but because of the occasions. If you have to go to an official place – for example, an entrance examination (felvételi vizsga) – you have to wear Sunday best clothes. It means that men wear a shirt, a pair of trousers, a tie and a suit. Women wear blouses, black skirts or dresses and a pair of nylon tights. On the other hand, at home or in everyday situations, people wear clothes which represent their style for example, on an average day, I like wearing colourful clothes. I like wearing jeans too because they never go out of fashion. They are very popular with young people in all colours.


  1. clothing – öltözködés
  2. cap – sapka
  3. gloves – kesztyű
  4. scarf – sapka (scarves -> többesszám)
  5. sweater, pullover – pulóver
  6. trousers – nadrág
  7. winter coat – téli kabát
  8. boots – csizma
  9. summer dress – nyári ruha
  10. T-shirt – póló
  11. shorts – rövid nadrág
  12. skirt – szoknya
  13. bathing suit – fürdőruha, bikini – bikini
  14. swimming trunks – fürdőnadrág
  15. raincoat – esőkabát
  16. umbrella – esernyő
  17. occasion – alkalom
  18. Sunday best – ünneplő ruha
  19. shirt – ing
  20. suit – öltöny
  21. tie – nyakkendő
  22. blouse – blúz
  23. nylon tights – nájlon harisnya
  24. colourful clothes – színes ruha
  25. jeans – farmer

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