Computer and Internet

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Nowadays computers are used in all fields of life. You can find them in banks, post offices, shops, hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies, libraries, offices, factories, homes and so on. You can find more and more computers at schools. Computer Science as a subject has become an important subject in our schools. Almost every school has got a broadband connection to the internet that enables them not only e-maling but using other forms of communication. I think the computer labs in our school are well-equipped. There are several computers in them with large screens and some printers and scanners, too. A lot of students write their homework assignments on computers. They usually use Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks of computers and the internet. Some people spend too much time in front of their computers, they are addicted to the computer. It can be very harmful for their health. There is an other form of computers, the laptop. It has some advantages for example it is easy to take it anywhere and you can use it while travelling, during meetings and on holiday. Its disadvantages are that its battery runs down quite soon and its screen is smaller. The ’www’ means World Wide Web, that is, the multimedia system of sound, text, pictures and video for presenting information on the Internet. My two most favourite Internet activities are e-mailing and chatting. In realtime. Computers usually have CD or DVD drives for listening to music or watching videos.    


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