Clothing and fashion

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Clothing and fashion


I’m wearing a middy blouse, a blazer, a black skirt, stockings and beige shoes now.


Scruffy jeans, scruffy clothes and black leather jacket are very fashionable and popular for young people. I like wearing comfortable clothes, for example a baggy pullover with leggings. I don’t like high-heeled, because I can’t walk in them and they are uncomfortable.

When it’s hot in summer I usually wear shorts, sandals and a T-shirt or a croptop. I don’t wear sunglasses, because without my glasses I can’t see far away. But I want to buy diopter sunglasses.

When it’s snowy in winter I usually wear stockings, furry clothes, a warm coat and boots.

When it’s rainy and windy in autumn or in spring I usually wear temporary clothes, for example a thinner coat or a jacket and maybe a skirt with stockings.


When it starts raining I take an umbrella, but I often forget to take it into my bag.

I usually like wearing fancy dresses, if it’s comfortable and I love elegant clothes too.

I wear a dress or a dungarees at a wedding and I’d wear jeans and a T-shirt with shoes at the disco, but I don’t go to disco, so I don’t know what I should wear.

I love jeans, I often wear them. At school I like wearing clothes like this. I love fashion, but the most important thing for me is comfort. I always try to stay unique.

In PE lessons we wear a white T-shirt, black or dark trousers and trainers.


I would like to wear a uniform at school every day. I don’t know why, it can be boring after a while, but I would like it. It would be elegant and it would show that you belong somewhere.

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