Climate of Hungary – Magyarország éghajlata

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-absolute location:-northern hemisphere:
-eastern hemisphere:
relative location:-Eastern Central Europe


Hungary is located in the-temperate zone
-true temperate belt
-moderately continental region
-wet continental climate

Wet continental climate /ordinary data/:
-there are 4 seasons: cold winter, spring, warm summer, autumn
-annual mean temperature:
-annual mean temperature fluctuation:
-annual mean precipitation: 500-800 mm
-vegetation: oak forest
-soil: brown forest soil
-droughts are frequent in July and August

Hungarian climate is influenced by:
-distance from the ocean
-basin characteristic
– the cyclones and anticyclones, which are formed above:
1. -the Atlantic Ocean
2. -Eastern Europe
3. -the Mediterranean Sea

Duration of sunshine: – South Duna-Tisza köze: 2100 hours/year
-near the western border: 1700-1800 h/y

Temperature:-annual mean temperature:
-annual mean temperature fluctuation:
-the highest temperature is on the South-East part of the country

-on the western side of the Tisza and on Transdanubia : north-western winds
-on the eastern side of the Tisza: north-eastern winds
-Danube-Tisza Interflow: north winds
– Northern Mountains: chaotic winds

Precipitation: -annual mean precipitation: 500-900 mm
-the difference among the monthly mean precipitations can be extremely large
-most of the precipitation fell-in the end of the spring
-in the beginning of the summer

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