Choosing a restaurant

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Choosing a restaurant

A: Devi, have you thought about where would you like to go to dinner on Friday for your birthday?


B: I am not sure. I don’t know that many restaurants around here.

A: You know, we could look online at the local Internet sites.

B: Good. Let’s take a look!

A: What kind of food would you like for your birthday?


B: I enjoy Thai or Japanese the best.

A: This one, Shogun, looks good.

B: Oh yes, I’ve heard of that one. Everyone I’ve spoken with says that it is great!

A: Would you like to go there then?

B: I think that that would be a really good choice! Let’s call and make a reservation.



A: Devi, do you have any preference for where you would like to go for dinner for your birthday?

B: I don’t really know where I want to go. I am having trouble thinking of a particular restaurant.

A: There is a great restaurant directory here in the weekend section of the newspaper.

B: OK, we could look at that.

A: Do you have a particular type of food that you would like?


B: I really like Japanese or Thai food.

A: That Japanese restaurant, Shogun, got good reviews.

B: Oh yeah! I saw a review of that restaurant on television. The reviewer loved it!

A: Would that be a place that you might like to go to for your birthday?

B: That would work out great! Why don’t we call and get a reservation?




A: Devi, do you have a favorite place that you would like to go to for your birthday dinner?

B: I am kind of at a loss right now to think of some place special.

A: I’ve got a great guidebook here of local restaurants.

B: That would be a good place to look.

A: What is your favorite type of restaurant food?


B: I like a lot of things, but Thai or Japanese would be good.

A: Shogun looks pretty good!

B: Oh, I remember that restaurant. I went there years ago. I really enjoyed it!

A: Would that be a good choice for your birthday dinner then?

B: I would enjoy going there. Let’s call ahead to make sure that we can get a table for that night.


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