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Choosing a career


Choosing a career is a very important step in everybody’s life. Most children and some students don’t have clear ideas about their future job. Boys usually want to be pilots, astronauts, designers,
architects, soldiers. Girls on the other hand dream about  becoming actresses, singers, ballet – dancers, dressmakers, nurses or teachers. Some children want to follow their parents or parents want their children to work in the same line as they did.


When I was a small girl I dreamed about becoming a vet. I was interested in animals and I like them very much. It was my dream to open a clinic in my hometown. Now I would like to be a psychologist. I want to continue my studies at a good university in Debrecen. It is very difficult to be admitted. Today studying isn’t cheap. There can be talented students who don’t have enough money so they can’t afford to continue studying but those who have money and aren’t not so talented can study further. But it is my dream, to help people who have got mental problems. Besides it’s a very interesting profession. Fortunately, my parents help me in all fields of life. I can count on them. My school lets students concentrate on the field that suits their abilities and interests the most. It provides us with the best possible facilities, such as the library, and

 computer and language labs, so that we could get the most recent information on any issue that we are interested in. They also help us with making this decision. I visited open classes at some colleges to get more information. It is very useful experience. Meanwhile I am taking part in optional courses to prepare for the school leaving exams. I think job satisfaction is one of the most important things at work. This means that it’s not enough to be good at what you do, but you should enjoy it as well. I would like to find a challenging and motivating job in the future.


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