Art and music

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Art and music

Art is defined as the expression of one’s creativity. There are different kinds of pieces of art from a painting to a computer game’s graphics.


Everyone can decide what they call art.  Art is not something that you have to study, art is something that captures the eye or the ear.

Whether the artists are trying to communicate the emotions, an idea or something else, the most important thing is how well the audience receives it. Each piece of art can be unique experience for people. They can’t be performed, made or played in the same way again. Art plays a really important role in some people’s lives. Some of them couldn’t live without listening to classical music or going to the theater and watching a play.

Modern times have given way to new types of art, for example, graffiti. Some people may not define it art, but some people do. I think it is a very debatable topic nowadays. My opinion is  that it can be a kind of art if it is not for damaging the things around us. I know that it is about it, but I think people can do it in an intelligent way. It is nonsense that young people scratch something, for instance, to the door of the bus just to damage it. Anyway, it can be a different type of art, but it should be done by normal people.

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