Feltételes mód az angolban – Conditionals, „if” sentences

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Participle clauses

1.) Zero condition: if + present,  present

– ha mindig igaz –

  • We use it to express something that is always true.
  • If I have a headache, I take an aspirin. – It is always true. I always take an aspirin whenever I have a headache.
  • If you go out in the rain, you get wet.

2.) Probable (1st) condition: if + present,  will

– ha valószínűleg megtörténik –

  • We use it to express that something is really possible to happen if something else happens.
  • If I have money, I will buy a bicycle. – I think it is really possible to have money and if it happens, I will spend it on a bicycle.
  • If you drive like this, you’ll have an accident.

3.) Hypothetical (2nd) condition: if + past, would

– ha csak elképzeljük –

  • We use it when we imagine a situation and its results.
  • If I knew the answer, I would tell you. – I don’t know the answer, but I can imagine this situation and what I would do then.
  • I’d help you, if I could.
  • I could go home if it didn’t rain.

Note: we can use ‘could’ instead of ‘would’ and in the ‘if’ part of the sentence, too. ‘might’ is also possible instead of ‘would’.

4.) Impossible (3rd) condition: if  +  past perfect, would have + 3rd form

– ha már megtörtént, de elképzeljük, mi lett volna, ha –

  • We use it when we imagine past events and their the results.
  • If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have gone to the concert. – I was tired and I didn’t go to the concert. I only imagine it.

5.)  Mixed condition: if  +  past perfect, would

– ha már megtörtént, de elképzeljük, mi lenne ha, más lett volna –

  • We use it when we imagine a past situation and its result in the present.
  • If he hadn’t missed the plane, he would be here now.


–  We don’ t normally use ‘will’ and ‘would’ in the ‘if’ part of the sentence. Exception: formal, polite requests. If you would wait here, I’ll call Mr Smith.

We can use:

– unless (if not) You’ll get wet unless you have an umbrella.

– provided/providing Provided she studies hard, she’ll pass the exam.

– even if   We’ll go to the park even if it rains.

– as (so) long as   You can take my car as long as you drive carefully.


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