Family types

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Family types

One child family


  • the kid gets all the attention and love, no sharing in anything
  • parents are in a better financial position, they have to take care of just one kid


  • the undivided attention can be a little bit much for some kids
  • the parents want their one child to succeed and it comes with a lot of pressure
  • being an only child can be boring and one can feel alone
  • the kid may have socialization problems

Family with more children


  • children have the capability of sharing and helping
  • the social skills can be improved much faster and easier
  • children with siblings have someone they can confide in if they don’t want the parents get involved
  • siblings can give moral support


  • difficulties can occur in the financials, more children – higher expenses
  • the parents have a hard time giving the children attention and love equally
  • sharing things like clothes or even a room can be annoying

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