Eating out

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In Hungary, everybody can decide where they want to eat. Of course, it sometimes depends on the money. More than half of the Hungarian population can’t afford to go anywhere to eat because of high prices.


There is much choice of eating out in different kinds of restaurant. You can find fast-food restaurants which are cheaper but not very healthy. In fast-food restaurants, you eat junk food. There are a lot of restaurants in Budapest and in all over the country with lover prices and you can eat healthy and high quality food. In self-service restaurants, you can choose from meals from the counter and you pay after you had chosen your meal. The richest people go to expensive restaurants for instance Gundel in Budapest. But they can go to hotel restaurants where they get the best food in high prices. In Hungary, you can find Chinese restaurants or Turkish and Italian restaurants too. They are very popular with Hungarian people. I have never been to a foreign restaurant, but I wish I am.

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