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Top 10 feltöltő

Top 10 feltöltő

Going out

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Beküldő: - Szólj hozzá
Szint: - Kedvencekhez
Dátum: 2012-06-16 Küldd tovább

Going out

At the end of a tiring day everybody needs a little time off. A little entertainment is a must. If you want just a nice evening you can go to the cinema or theatre with your friends. Today there is always a fun film in the movie theatre and good play in theatres. At the cinema you can see a lot of different kind of films: western, adventure films, thrillers, horror films, detective stories, science-fictions, romantic films, love stories and cartoons. To tell the truth I can’t remember when I was in cinema, maybe in summer, and previously in theatre.

If I go the cinema I can order tickets by phone, in sms or in the internet, but then I have to pick them up half an hour before the beginning of the film. I use to buy coke and popcorn because these things are essential. You can go to the opera or go a concert. You only go to the library if you need a book to the school. It isn’t a part of entertainment for you. In Budapest you can choose from many museums. The National Museum is good when you want to see parts of Hungarian History. There are many sculptures if you have a holiday or class outing. If you don’t want to go out, you can watch TV or video films, reading or you can listen to the radio.



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